About Chris

Chris has spent the last five years focusing exclusively on Portrait Photography. Coming from the world of storytelling - with Feature Films and Short Films - he now loves the challenge of conveying a story in a single image in digital & analogue.

Once upon a time in London, Chris trained in Theatre Design and Stage Management before moving into the illustrious & turbulent world of Talent Management. He cut his teeth assisting legendary Agent's Jonathan Altaras & Lindy King.

"My fondest memories of working with their clients was house hunting for Pierce Brosnan, polishing Dirk Bogarde's BAFTA, being mesmerised by Jude Law's glowing complexion, going backstage and seeing Dominic West in size 12 stilettos, feeling Ewan McGregor's incredibly smooth beard and the brightness of Kiera Knightley who at twelve talked about a friend who had Pre-Raphaelite hair!"

After several years of his inner monologue saying he would never be able to do it he proved himself wrong and represented quite a few internationally known Actors in Film, Television and Theatre.

"I got adorable Jane Asher out of the kitchen and back on our screens, I'd try and convince Berenice Bejo,(Oscar Nominee) to come to London from Paris if she liked the script - mostly not. I spent a decade managing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who waited a few more years without me before earning a million dollars an episode. We did get to go to each other's weddings which was a million dollar experience for us both. Rupert Grint, who remained truly adorable, as did his family, for the five years we worked together. Naomie Harris who I took from drama school and fought rigoursly for her first three film roles. The insanely talented Ulrich Thomsen, Michelle Fairley, who was one of the reasons I stayed so long in the job, and the late and deeply, deeply, missed friends & former clients; Tim Pigott-Smith, Lolly Susi and Arkie Whiteley."

Chris was Associate Producer on the Feature Film 'Dreaming of Joseph Lees' for Fox Searchlight with (Oscar Nominee) Samantha Morton & Rupert Graves. Executive Producer of the Feature Film 'Relative Values' with Julie Andrews (Oscar Winner) and Colin Firth (Oscar Winner) and wrote and directed the kookie-cult Short Film 'A Girl in a Bubble' which opened the Santa Monica Independent Film Festival in the United States. He was the Casting Director on the low budget (and never seen) horror films 'Slaughter,' & 'Perkins 14' and the TV movie 'Hellhounds,' directed by Ricky Schroder. He also had the misfortune of being the Celebrity Booker for The Brit Awards once but that's another story!

Chris's first book 'A Year in Tel Aviv' was released in 2019 and is currently available in all good book shops in Tel Aviv. The European launch is planned for later this year.

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